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acceptance by jyoujo acceptance by jyoujo
" G. o. d g a v e u s o n e f a c e

 a n d w e m a k e o u r s e l v e s a n o t h e r "

my friend told me one thing today ,
as we were talking about some things ,
she said that God gave us one face ,
and we make ourselves another .

we were talking about life in general ,
and i was completely in awe because of this ,
what she said actually makes a lot of sense.
if you already embrace the vision that we all
use masks to cover up ourselves , and with
this cover we present ourselves to the society ,
then ,you might as well understand why this
sound so important to me .

there are a few books over there that touch this
subject and i would really like to read a little more .
I wish there were more thing to read and learn about it
but , i guess this is one of those things that you have to
live and learn .

in the end of our conversation ,there were this conclusion
about how people see what they want to see .
and what they want to see is what makes them blind ,

. h o p e .

yep, some people like that .

but see , what we were trying to understand was ,
people tend to say they were disappointed over
a few thing after knowing more and more one person
and ,we came to realize that actually they were disappointed
because they thought we were something else and ,
generally speaking , we have nothing to do with
what people thought we were .

but like i said : people see what they want to see .

. h o p e .

they want to believe there is someone out there perfect for them ,
that complete them . make them full ...

such a bullshit ,

anyways ,
believe or not , we are responsible for what we believe
people are .Or would be .
and we are also responsible for make us fool and believe
that we can actually make a concept in our head about
patterns and we connect the dots . and this , only we can do .
So there are some others out there that truly deceive us .
Not only hide themselves in masks but , makes it all a game .
and don't you mistake this : everyone have a mask .
and everyone hides the true self .
cause we are all ugly on the inside .

and at the same time every-single-one-of-us
have such a singular beautiful universe to explore .
if only we could accept and see it .
Not actually pretend we see it and make it all in our heads ,
thinking we can judge people and know them better then anyone .

If only we . . .

i only wish .

so we should learn how to accept .

and about the people , see , let them let you see what they want you to .
let them guide you in their universe and let yourself be open about it .
and just maybe you can actually be in awe and mesmerized by it .

let your guard down and let them surprise you .
let them show you their world .

too afraid for it .

afraid to be hurt .

see .

this is all your problem .

and nobody else .

so don't come blame people for what you don't have the guts to .

. a c c e p t .

and if you are the one to blame after all . so let it be .

Sophie Hunger - ♫ " Train people - live piano acoustic . "
i've seen this over and over infinity this week .

btw , this is my favorite shot from 2012 .
have too much meaning behind it .


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music ~love
a l w a y s !


i 'm sure we'll grow ...
but we'll never bloom again...
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