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November 23, 2013
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and the world came down by jyoujo and the world came down by jyoujo

"After years, I've learned to live with that wound.

A ghost that drags me whenever I think I have gone.

These were the worst times, when the pain accumulated and exploded 

when my world came down with his weight, h i s   c u r s e ."

 - this was a friend who was trying to define me . for once .

it could have been worse right ?


this is Nara btw .a little temple over there .

i have this on my living room wall .

for the ones who doesn't know ,i guess i should explain my absence :

i've been  hospitalised . it will be like this for now .

stay strong . and have faith .

nothing is forever .… - Lana Del Rey "Video Games" acoustic cover

i love stereophonics !

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nice atmosphere :)
hope you're right now
naomicchi-desu Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope everything gets better for you :(
Stay strong (which I know you're totally capable of!)
You're such a great person, and I know that whatever put you in hospital, will not defeat you! :hug:
I'll be cheering for you, Yoshi!
Wai-Jing Nov 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I hope you're not trying to say that we should be praying for you!

That care of yourself, dear. Whatever put you in hospital, I hope you get over it soon.
jyoujo Nov 24, 2013  Student Photographer
nooo . i just have a condition and it's hard to
dose my medications . no worries .
Wai-Jing Nov 25, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
That's a relief! I hope you're able to go home soon :)
I want to introduce someone to You
his name is Kamil Bednarek
it's one of the artists I admire the most
being so young, he sings like someone so much experienced...
so optimistic and full of faith and hope 
i wish I could be like him
believe in life much more than i do
because at some moments of my life it was so difficult...

I believe it's one of his best songs :music:
it's called 'Silence'
i submit the english lyrics to make You more into the whole song
not just the sounds

I'm sitting in the evening, overwhelmed with my blissful silence, 
they can't hear, and I am like in trance.
These simple sounds are swaying me,
clouds are hanging over me, 
everything is so simple and paradoxical...

So pleased, I'm giving my happiness everywhere today,
I'm smiling again,
knowing that everything will be ok.
Lost in the crowd, wanting to find myself in this rush,
I'm building my life on love's foundation...

These moments are with us
and no one will take them away from us, until we will
continue to be the same,
and with happiness we will explore every new day.

These moments are with us
and no one will take them away from us,
no one will...

They're listening but they can't hear, between the sky, and silence, we meet each other,
they're looking but they can't see, they're sneering at your happiness,
they only come when they're in need...

Silence around me, darkness falls,
And I'm still listening to it.
My heart with it's rhythm strongly assures me,
that it's worth believing in people...

Remember that hope feeds, but doesn't make you fat,
the doors to happiness are opened, don't search for the keys
your angel wants to wake your faith up.
I miss Nara and the area around Todaiji, Kofukuji and Kasuga-Taisha... That is a lovely photograph :)
jyoujo Nov 24, 2013  Student Photographer
i was supposed to go to kyoto this weekend ,
but i didn't .
I miss Kyoto as well... and Osaka... I just miss Kansai... :P
I love the trees, they add a lot of mood to the photo along with it being in black and white. :love:
And, I hope you will get well soon! : )
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