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contre jour by jyoujo contre jour by jyoujo

Technology companies are doing so well these days as they change the way we live our lives,
“It’s irony, a group of technology companies showing the way how to be human,”
showing real understand of how to be human beings .

- anon talking about technology conquering the humans .
( Our conversation in the tattoo studio )

Contre jour, French for 'against daylight', refers to photographs
taken when the camera is pointing directly toward a source of light.
This effect usually hides details, causes a stronger contrast
between light and dark, creates silhouettes and emphasizes lines and shapes. 

- wikipedia reference .

instrumental song for - ♫ " contre jour "
enjoy .

Since these spider Lilies usually bloom near cemeteries around the autumnal equinox, they are described in Chinese and Japanese translations of the Lotus Sutra as ominous flowers that grow in 地 獄(also known as Hell), and guide the dead into the next reincarnation.
A famous legend is of two elves: 曼 珠, who guarded the flower, and 沙 華 who guarded the leaves. Out of curiosity, they defied their fate of guarding the herb alone, and managed to meet each other. At first sight, they fell in love ♥ with each other. G.O.D, exasperated by their waywardness, separated the miserable couple, and laid a curse on them as a punishment: the flowers of 曼 珠 shall never meet the leaves of 沙 華 again.
It was said that when the couple met after death in hell , they vowed to meet each other after reincarnation. However, neither of them could keep their words. ♥

Some other legends have it that when a person sees someone that they may never meet again, these flowers, also called red spider lilies, would bloom along the path. Perhaps because of these sorrowful legends .


Copyright © jyoujo ( Yoshi ).
All rights reserved.
My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
music ~love
a l w a y s !


i 'm sure we'll grow ...
but we'll never bloom again...
bunnyx4 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
OMG i love how the red of the flower stands out!!!
naomicchi-desu Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved the quotation!
I mean... How crazy the world is, right? O.O
jyoujo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Student Photographer
exactly . nowadays we spend more time with
it them with people talking .
or just with people , literally .
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